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Product Summary

This AMP® MIG 250X Flux-Core/MIG Wire-Feed Welder is a versatile 250 Amp MIG welder with built-in running gear. The unit easily moves around the shop and delivers consistently clean and precise spot welds.

What's Included

  • (1) MIG 250S wire-feed welder

  • (1) 10ft. MIG gun with replacement parts

  • (1) Regulator/flow gauge

  •  (1) Shielding gas connection hose

  •  (1) Set of extra drive rolls

  • (1) .030in. contact tip

  • (1) .035in. contact tip

  • (1) .040in. contact tip

Tough, Capable And Versatile

Ready To Handle The Tough Projects

When it comes to serious work, this welder has some serious capabilities, welding up to 3/8in. steel in a single pass! Need to weld even thicker materials? You can take care of them, too, by using multiple passes. The welder uses 0.023in., 0.030in., 0.035in. or 0.045in. flux core or solid wire sizes and 8in. or 11in. wire spools (up to 45 lbs.) 

Works With A Variety of Materials

A wirefeed welder that can only handle one kind of metal can really limit your capabilities. That's why you'll appreciate the versatility of the AMP® MIG 250X  — it allows you to weld steel, stainless steel with ease.

Delivers Process Flexibility

Built-in polarity control allows you to set the stage for working in the shop or out in the field. Adjust the polarity control for good, clean welds using MIG welding with MIG wire and shielding gas. When your work takes you out and about, the polarity control offers the flexibility to set up for flux core welding with flux core wire almost anywhere 230V power is available.

On-The-Spot Control

When your project requires multiple spot welds where consistent welding is essential, the  AMP® MIG 250X delivers with an adjustable spot timer for precise welding control. This spot timer offers the consistency you need, helping you avoid costly scrap and timely reworks.

Features + Benefits

  • Delivers 40 to 250 Amp DC weld output

  • Welds 24ga. to 3/8in. steel in a single pass

  • MIG welds steel, stainless steel and aluminum

  • 12 voltage settings and infinite wire feed speed control for exceptional versatility

  • Duty cycle: 30% @ 250 Amps; 60% @ 177 Amps; 100% @ 137 Amps

  • Operates on 230V, 50 Amp primary input draw for maximum output

  • Flexible voltage and wire controls make it easy to fine-tune the perfect weld

  • Spot weld timer helps you get consistently clean and precise spot welds

  • Built-in running gear and cylinder rack keep welding supplies secure, together and portable

  • Includes 10ft. MIG gun with Tweco-style replacement parts, regulator/flow gauge, shielding gas connection hose, extra .030in., .035in. and .040in. contact tips, and drive rolls

  • 8 1/2ft. power cord

  • Shielding gas required for MIG welding

Key Specs

  • Item# AMIG250X

  • Brand: AMP

  • Manufacturer's Warranty :1 year limited warranty

  • Ship Weight :185.9 lbs

  • Volts : 230

  • Amps : 250

  • Duty Cycle : 100% at 137A; 60% at 177A; 30% at 250A

  • Output Amps : 40—250

  • Mig Ready : Yes

  • Wire Feed Speed Control : Infinite

  • Weldable Metals : Steel, stainless steel, aluminum

  • Weld Thickness (in.) : 24-ga.–3/8

  • Clamp Cable Length (ft.) : 10

  • Regulator and Gas Hose Included : Yes

  • Shielding Gas Required Flux core wire: No; MIG wire: Yes

  • Welding Wire Diameter (in.)0.023, 0.030, 0.035, 0.045

  • Power Cord (ft.)8 1/2

  • Cart : Built-in running gear

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