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Kohler® Series Air Compressor

Product Summary

The AMP® Kohler® Series Gas Powered Air Compressor has an 8-Gallon Twin Tank design. It is engineered for longevity and heavy-duty work on the job site. Belt-driven full cast iron single-stage pump features V-type cylinder design for superior cooling, Crankshaft has bearings on both ends for excellent support. Powered by a Kohler 6.5 HP OHV gasoline engine for reliable performance.

Superior Design for Industry-Leading Pumps

Low Vibration and Durability

The last thing you want to worry about is your compressor breaking down in the middle of a job. The 8-Gallon Twin Tank Gas-Powered Air Compressor has been engineered with superior technology to keep you working without interruption.Bearings are placed on both ends of the pump’s crankshaft for superior support and less wear and tear. The result is reliable, dependable operation of your AMP air compressor, year after year.


Longer Pump Life

Heat can be a powerful enemy to the longevity of your air compressor pump. That’s why this AMP® Kohler® Series Gas Powered Air Compressor has been engineered with a V-style cylinder orientation to eliminate hot spots and provide consistent cooling, resulting in longer pump life. The pump cylinders, heads and crankcase are made of cast iron for extra-long service life. And the pump utilizes premium-quality floating-type Swedish steel valves for trouble-free performance. Thanks to this excellent technology, you can count on your AMP air compressor to perform flawlessly for many years.

Portable Compressed Air at Your Command

Portable and Versatile

The AMP® Kohler Series Gas Air Compressor is designed for use in remote locations that lack electricity. This powerhouse comes stocked with an integrated wheel and handles, so you can navigate this light-weight compressor right next to your project or work area. It is job primed, whether it’s professional contract work such as building a home, repairing a roof, working on your semi-trucks or in the shop, replacing siding, and various other applications that require compressed air for tools and equipment.

Legendary Kohler® Engine Power

Best in Class Performance

When it comes to power, the Kohler® RH265 OHV engine that delivers quieter performance, easier operation and better fuel efficiency. No matter how you define superior engine performance, Kohler® engines set the standard.


Greater Power Output

The AMP® Overhead Valve (OHV) engine layout permits smoother fuel mixture intake and quicker, more complete exhaust. This engine has better combustion for greater power output. The OHV engine contributes to increased engine service life.


Features+ Benefits

  • Kohler Engine

  • Full cast iron pump for long service life

  • V-style cylinder design for superior cooling

  • Delivers 13 CFM @ 90 PSI; 12 CFM @ 115 PSI

  • Heavy cast iron flywheel provides extra momentum

  • Step-type piston rings ensure piston ring overlap for better compression

  • Sight glass for quick viewing of oil level

  • Two-piece connecting rods can be rebuilt for superior serviceability

  • High pressure piston wrist pins have needle bearings

  • Durable steel belt guard

  • Pressure regulator to control outlet pressure

  • 8-gallon horizontal twin tank

  • Built-in wheel with handles for easy portability




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