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AMP Warranty Registration

Congratulations on the purchase of your new AMP® product. Thank you for registering online. Your information will remain confidential. It will not be released to any other company or organization.

Once submitted a please email a scanned copy of your purchase receipt to in order to finalize your registration. 


All products come with a one-year parts warranty. This warranty excludes the engine. That is handled by Kohler Engines. All shipping associated with the warrantying of any product or part will be paid by customer. AMP is not the shipping carrier or the billed party with any shipments. Therefore, no products or parts can be returned or refused by customer without our written consent. Any parts or products refused at delivery by customer for any reason can result in additional charges that will become the sole responsibility of the customer. Any and all unauthorized refused and returned shipments will be subject to charges for shipping costs plus any additional charges incurred from the refusal. Any claims with shipping carrier due to damage in shipping process are the sole responsibility of the customer. 

Warranty Registration

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