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Kohler® Series 50 Gallon 3 in 1

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Product Summary

The AMP® Kohler® Series 50 Gallon 3 in 1 is the newest addition to our generator/compressor/welder products. This unit is Powered By Kohler® COMMAND PRO 14 HP engine. It is a great tool for construction companies, farmers or ranchers, maintenance crews, assisting them with any job. The Kohler® Series 50 Gallon 3 in 1 does a variety of welding jobs, powered with 52 gallons and 175 PSI of compressor strength, add on a generator that handles a variety of jobs as well, including: lights, grinder, nail guns, plasma cutter (separate air supply needed) or back up emergency power. The welding power of 175 amps makes this a must own for any one.

What’s Included

(1) Welder/generator/compressor with Kohler® COMMAND PRO 14 HP engine (1) 10 ft. ground cable/clamp (1) 10 ft. electrode cable/holder (1) Water proof protective unit cover



Features + Benefits

  • Ideal for jobsite needs, severe weather emergencies or service trucks

  • Kohler Command PRO 14 HP gas engine with electric start

  • Compressor output: 150 gallons/minute

  •  Pressure lubricated two stage pump delivers continuous flow of oil onto critical engine components.

  •  Two-stage pump features industrial disc valves for extended life and easy Maintenance.

  • Solid cast Iron Pump

  • Liquid filled gauges

  • Rubber vibration isolator pads

  •  Industrial grade steal belt guard

  • Generator with 4,500 Watts

  • 50–170 Amp DC welder

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