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Product Summary

This powerful AMP® DGW8500 DC Welder/AC Generator with a single cylinder diesel engine. Engine and Wheel Kit produces 5,500 Watt surge power and 5,000 Watts of continuous power and delivers 60–170 Amp DC welding output, making it a great choice for a variety of applications. This versatile welder/generator handles carbon steel, stainless steel, cast iron, hard surfacing and aluminum. And with a remote control start it can easily be started from up to 25 feet away. Not for sale in California.

What’s Included

  • (1) Welder/generator

  •  (1) Remote Control for starting

  • (1) 10ft. ground cable/clamp

  • (1) 10ft. electrode cable/holder

Reliability to Finish every Job


A Dominant And Dependable Engine

The AMP® HP-145 single cylinder diesel is a brawny and reliable engine designed for durability, high performance, and smooth, silent operation. The single cylinder, 11 HP powerhouse engine provides consistent and reliable power for hours of welding or power generation.

Reliable, Portable Power

This multi-purpose unit doesn’t stop with just its welding efficiency; it also provides reliable auxiliary power that’s great at the job site or ideal for power emergencies at home. The 5,000 Watts of AC auxiliary power effectively powers your tools on the job. This generator also has two 111V, 20 Amp receptacles plus a 240V, 30 Amp twist lock receptacle.

Advanced DC Stick Welding Capability

The AMP® DGW8500K Welder/Generator out performs competition as a welder, producing 60–170 Amps of smooth DC power. The DC welding current provides polished results for a wide variety of stick electrodes.


Dual Power Generation

Are you in need of portable auxiliary power while welding? The AMP® DGW85000 provides what you need to power lights, small hand tools and other devices while welding.


 Features + Benefits

  • Hour meter tracks maintenance intervals

  • Remote control and  electric start

  • Durable fully enclosed steel frame

  • AMP® silent casing technology

  • Integrated lifting eye for easy transport and security

  • Large extended tank for longer rum time

  • AMP® HP-145 air-cooled diesel engine with electric/remote start

  • Smooth 60–170 Amp DC weld output delivers high-performance DC welding

  • 5,000 Watt AC power output to deliver the power you need at the job site (5,500 Watt peak)

  • Capable of welding steel, stainless steel, cast iron, hard surfacing and aluminum — welds up to 3/8in. steel in a single pass

  • 8 gal. fuel tank provides up to 8 hours of operation on a single fill

  • One 120V duplex power receptacles and one 240V twist lock power receptacle

  • Built-in circuit breakers protect your equipment

  • Includes a 10ft. ground cable and 10ft. electrode holder

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