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Product Summary

The AMP® FOURFRONT® 9250 is the globally patented generator/compressor/welder. The first combination machine to include a plasma cutter. This unit is Powered By Kohler® COMMAND PRO 14 HP engine. It is a great tool for construction companies, farmers or ranchers, maintenance crews, assisting them with any job. The AMP® FOURFRONT® 9250 does a variety of basic welding jobs, comes equipped with 40 amps of plasma cutting power, 115 PSI of compressor strength, and with 6,500 watts of power generation it handles a variety of jobs as well, including: lights, grinder, nail guns, or back up emergency power.


What’s Included

  • (1) Welder/generator/compressor/plasma cutter with Kohler® COMMAND PRO 14 HP engine

  • (1) 10 ft. ground cable/clamp

  • (1) 10 ft. electrode cable/holder

  • (1) PT31 13 ft. Plasma Cutting Torch

  • (1) Plasma Cutting Ground

  • (1) Waterproof protective unit cover

  • (2) axles

  • (4) Mud wheels

One Machine, MANY Benefits

One of a Kind

The quadruple threat generator/compressor/ welder/plasma cutter is the first combo machine to include a plasma cutter-built in. The FOURFRONT® 9250 is the ideal machine choice for construction contractors, farmers, ranchers, maintenance crews, fire departments and other do-it-yourself types. The FOURFRONT® 9250 handles basic welding applications, that’s just the start- with 110 PSI of compressor power and 6.5 KW of power generation it is also a home standby generator. The machine even includes a 10 ft. of #2 welding cable, an electrode holder, 10 ft. of #2 welding cable, and a working clamp to get you started. In the packaging you will also find the plasma cutting torch and ground. To quickly get you cutting with up to 40 amps of power. The unit also includes a weatherproof cover, so it never has to come off your service truck.


Powerful Reliable Engine

The Kohler® COMMAND PRO 14 HP is a rugged and durable engine. It is designed for extended usage, high performance, durability and smooth, quiet operation. The 14 HP, 4 cycle KOHLER engine provides consistent and reliable power for hours of power generation, air compressor and welding applications.

Makes a Big Impression

Powerfully smooth DC welding output is ideal for a broad range of stick electrode types. The 6,500-Watt surge single-phase AC generator delivers the most surge power in its class for motor starting. It also offers 6,000 Watts of continuous power. This machine provides optimal power for lights, grinders, power tools, and more. The 110 PSI 4.4 cfm air compressor is plenty of power to use a wide variety of air tools. Adding the Plasa Cutter makes the FOURFRONT® 9250 the most versatile machine on the market.

Performance You Can Trust

Top of the Line DC Stick Welding Performance

The FOURFRONT® 9250 Welder/Compressor/Generator/Plasma Cutter shines bright as a welder, producing 50–160 Amps of smooth DC power. The DC welding current provides super smooth performance for a wide variety of stick electrodes.


Versatile Output Range

This unit is rated for 150 Amps/26.4 Volts/50% duty cycle. The current range selector can be used to select any amperage range you need with generous overlap for Stick welding. Fine adjustment control allows you to dial in just the right welding output for each application.


Dependable Portable Power

This quadruple-purpose unit doesn’t stop with just its compressor and welding capabilities; it also provides reliable auxiliary power that’s great at the job site or ideal for power emergencies at home. The 6,500 Watts of AC auxiliary power effectively powers your tools on the job. This generator also has two 115V, 20 Amp receptacles, one a 120V, 30 Amp twist lock receptacle, plus one 240V 50 Amp plug in lock receptacle.


Built to Go the Distance

No Project it Can't Handle

When it comes to serious work, this welder has some serious capabilities, welding materials up to 3/8in. thick in a single pass! The unit handles electrodes up to 5/32in. dia. and is perfect for welding a variety of metals including carbon steel, stainless steel, cast iron, thick aluminum, etc. 


Variability = Quality

If you’re stuck with one setting, your results won’t necessarily always match what you were trying to achieve. But with an amperage that is adjustable from 50–1600 Amp DC weld output, you’ll get better control for better quality welds, every time.

Features + Benefits

  • Kohler® COMMAND PRO 14 HP, 429cc air-cooled engine with recoil starter

  • Smooth 50–160 Amp DC weld output delivers high-performance dc stick welding

  • Capable of welding steel, stainless steel, cast iron, etc. — welds up to 3/8in. steel in a single pass

  • 10 - 40-amp Plasma Cutting capabilities

  • Includes PT-31 Torch which makes consumables easy to find. 

  • 5 Gallon Air Tank

  • 115 PSI of air pressure

  • 4.4 CFM @ 90 PSI

  • 7.96 gal. fuel tank provides up to 14 hours of operation on a single fill

  • Two 120V duplex power receptacles, one 240V twist lock power receptacle and one 240V 50 AMP power receptacle

  • 3 Built-in circuit breakers protect your equipment

  • Includes a 10ft. ground cable and 10ft. electrode holder

MSRP $11,290.00
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